Facial care from 40: These products are good for the skin

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A healthy skin quality is reflected in a vital and positive facial expression. However, as your skin continues to change at 40, you need to take care of your skin in the right way. Do you want to know which ingredients are particularly good for your skin and how to integrate them into your 40+ skin care routine? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Your skin over 40: time for change

These days, your 40s are the time to let your personality shine and feel like you’ve arrived. Maybe you also have the energy and courage to tackle new projects – be it in your private or professional life.

A positive attitude towards life is associated with self-confidence and contentment. This goes hand in hand with a well-groomed appearance and a fresh and vital expression. However, a radiantly fresh complexion is only possible with healthy skin quality. Perfection is not meant by this: small lines and wrinkles make your face look sympathetic and lively.

You can achieve this by caring for your skin regularly and sustainably. You can achieve this by caring for your skin regularly and sustainably, namely with suitable face care from the age of 40, which provides active ingredients adapted to your skin type in combination with plenty of moisture.

Did you already know? You have the optimal and most beautiful face shape in your early 40s.

Your skin still has a good amount of elasticity. This is actually one reason why a large proportion of facelift patients in the USA are between 40 and 50. They want to maintain this shape for as long as possible by stabilising and somewhat optimising the anatomical facial structures. In Germany, this is more evident in the trend towards thread lifts. Germans tend to shy away from the scalpel in the face and prefer thread.

Logically, then, your skincare routines in these wonderful 40s focus on the texture of the skin’s surface. The most important product to prevent skin ageing: a firming face cream, which as an anti-wrinkle cream from 40 can do more than “just” be anti-ageing care.

The best ingredients for skin care over 40

Skin over 40 is more prone to dryness as natural sebum production decreases, especially with the onset of menopause and falling hormone levels. Pores become larger and vessels become more visible and dilated. The complexion often looks less youthful and firm.

Collagen and elastin production also decreases. The cells now renew themselves more slowly. The skin loses elasticity and often looks tired. Therefore, the following ingredients are useful in skin care from 40 onwards:


Skin care goal

Hyaluronic acid

The short-chain hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and provides intensive moisture.

Aloe Vera

It is especially known as a moisture booster for dry skin.

DMS structure

It is based on the natural skin sebum and lubricates the skin surface. It also has a calming effect.

Virgin oil, jasmine oil

They have an anti-inflammatory effect, protect the skin from negative environmental influences and are intensively nourishing.

Vitamin E

It acts as a free radical scavenger (i.e. protects against external environmental influences) and is said to have an anti-ageing effect.

Vitamin C

It is a free radical scavenger and supports the formation of new collagen.

Light protection factor

It provides protection against UV-A radiation and thus prevents skin ageing.


It promotes the regeneration & healing of the skin. Besides, it restructures, has an anti-aging effect and supports cell regeneration.

Pentylene glycol

It acts as a preservative and even moisturises.

Hemp oil

It boosts cell renewal and binds water in the skin


Coconut oil

It has a cleansing & nourishing effect, keeps the skin oily to a reasonable degree, has high moisturising factor and has a disinfecting effect.


It smoothes the surface of the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis



They are considered collagen boosters, in the process they promote the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and collagen production is also stimulated again.


A small amount of urea gently removes the excess of keratinised cells, allowing the ingredients to reach the deep layers of the skin. In the process, urea also regulates cornification disorders.

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Anti-ageing creams from 40: This is important

The focus of any quality facial care for women over 40 is to:

  • Moisturising
  • Protecting against environmental influences and the sun
  • Preventing ageing processes of the skin
  • Supporting the regeneration of the skin
  • Boosting collagen synthesis and elastin production.

On the other hand, the list of ingredients should not include:

  • Parabens
  • Microplastics
  • Polyethylene glycols (PGEs)
  • Palm oil

Important: When you change your skincare routine, be patient. The feel-good effect may not be immediate, but a lasting and long-term turnaround will occur from the second week onwards when using such a clean beauty product.

A sensible supplement: care for skin over 40 from the inside

Independent of the external applications, you can have your hormone status checked by your gynaecologist. A timely and individually adapted substitution of progesterone and oestrogen supports your anti-ageing skin care from the inside. There are pharmacies that specialise in the preparation of hormones in individual doses.

Scar cream

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Care routines for morning and evening

If you want to achieve visible effects, regularity is important. It’s best to integrate your skincare routines into your daily routine. It’s not just when you’re over 40 that your skin needs care in the morning and in the evening – this is true for all ages.

Your morning beauty routine

Your morning beauty routine should start with a smile. This unleashes positive energy and ensures a good start to the day. In the bathroom, you should proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Cleansing

  • Product: mild cleansing gel or foam
  • BEAUTÉ Tip: Massaging and circular movements also stimulate the lymphatic drainage and make night puffiness disappear.

Step 2: Lymphatic drainage

  • Product: fresh tonic
    Apply a few drops to the face and then roll a jade roller over the face and neck from the centre outwards and downwards.
  • BEAUTÉ Tip: It is best to use the roller along the lymphatic drainage.

Step 3: Care with serum & eye cream

  • Products: a serum enriched with active substances, e.g. hyaluron and vitamin C as anti-oxidants. And a gentle & moisturising eye cream that soothes puffiness and plumps up fine lines.
  • BEAUTÉ Tip: Beware of high-dose vitamin C or retinol serums in summer. While they are good anti-oxidants, they also remove the cornified areas on the skin’s surface that provide some protection. Pigmentation disorders may therefore occur.

Step 4: Sunscreen and day cream

  • Products: A sunscreen (at least SPF 30, better 50) and an all-rounder like Surgi Boost Face Cream, which offers protection against environmental influences and provides plenty of moisture. In addition, the cream helps anti-inflammatory processes to heal. The peptides ensure a fine-pored and even skin texture.
  • BEAUTÉ Tip: Are you short on time and/or want to use as few products as possible? Simply apply your make-up directly after the cream. You don’t need a primer.
Hautpflege ab 30

Tip: The Iklen serum is excellent for pigmentation marks on the lower eyelids. It takes about 4 weeks for the dark circles to finally lighten, but the pigmentation of the lower eyelid remains even in the long term.

Your evening care routine

It should be a pampering programme for your skin. After a long day, your skin has been exposed to a variety of environmental influences. Therefore, you should take your time in the bath before going to bed.

Step 1: Cleaning

  • Products: Cleansing cream that is not drying. Facial tonic that removes the last make-up residues and particles on the skin from the day. Your skin’s pH is restored!
  • BEAUTÉ Tip: Instead of a cotton pad, you can also use a soft cloth or cotton pad for cleansing – but changing it daily is a must!

Step 2: Preparatory night care


  • an enzyme peeling freshens up your skin texturea
  • face mask boosts your skin with moisture
  • Activating skin oils such as yasmine oil moisturise and stimulate regeneration for the night

Step 3: intensive night care

  • Product: Night cream with ingredients that are perfectly suited to your skin’s needs.
  • BEAUTÉ Tip: Use a silk pillow or silk sleeping goggles, they allow the skin to breathe actively at night and do not dry out.

BEAUTÉ Do’s & Don’ts for every skin: What’s especially important from 40 onwards

The sun starts to shine in April, so it’s important to start taking special care of your skin in spring – this includes daily sun protection and, if necessary, after-sun care.

For sufficient protection against the sun’s rays, use creams especially for the face with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or 50. Also carefully apply to the eye area. This is the only way to effectively prevent visible signs of sun-induced skin ageing and malignant changes in skin cells. The ingredients panthenol, aloe and coconut oil have proven particularly effective as after-sun care.

And regular cosmetic treatment is also irreplaceable. At best, you should treat yourself to such a treatment once a month (at the latest) from the age of 40, in order to counteract all the aforementioned skin ageing processes in good time. The procedures should not be too aggressive. The Abrah Hydri procedure, for example, is suitable here. It gently removes cornification from the skin using water and a diamond head on the device and allows the intensive active ingredients of the treatment to penetrate deeply and have a lasting effect.

In general, your facial care from the age of 40 should always be adapted to the skin type in the corresponding season. In summer, for example, you should avoid retinol. This must always be applied in very small doses and can lead to pigmentation disorders, especially with regular sun exposure and daily use.

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