Nature meets Science –
Active cosmetics with natural ingredients and high-quality active ingredients

Nature meets Science:

The doctor brand BEAUTÉ OMAR Dr. Mariam Omar Aesthetics, Made in Germany, stands for a new generation of innovative active cosmetics with the Seria Cutaneous. It is based on the symbiosis of natural ingredients and high-quality active substances, produced in modern biotechnological processes.

Seria Cutaneous was originally developed for the skin after medical interventions. The result is a medical cosmetic as a high-quality active ingredient cosmetic line, which not only cares for the skin, but also for its rapid regeneration. All ingredients are certified and so are the creams themselves.

What is meant by active ingredient cosmetics?

Ingredient cosmetics, the focus is on the active ingredients of the cosmetics. This means that the ingredients of the cosmetics are selected in such a way that they not only optimally care for the skin, but also effectively support it in its regeneration. This can be seen, for example, in a positive healing process after past injuries, problem skin such as cortisone skin, but also in anti-aging processes for radiant, smooth skin.

Nature meets Science

The booster effect of BEAUTÉ OMAR

The new generation of active cosmetics is particularly effective because it also has a booster effect. 

The booster effect is triggered by the combination of natural ingredients such as Ubuntum Ximenia Virgin Oil (South African Virgin Oil) and active ingredients produced in modern, biotechnological processes such as peptides and hyaluronic acid.

The peptides act like a bio-placenta and correspond to growth factors. They accelerate the metabolism of the skin and lead to a higher cell activity in the deep layers of the skin. This leads to rapid regeneration and increased formation of collagen and elastin. These properties are also essential for an effective anti-aging effect or for scar care of a caesarean section scar!

In addition to a healthy complexion, the surface of the skin also shows a radiant glow with the help of pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid. The skin feels firmer and tighter. Injured, stressed areas are sustainably cared for.

Visible through:

  • Rapid healing phase after surviving medical procedures
  • Healthy, radiant skin appearance with firmer skin, anti-aging effect
  • Less skin irritation, such as itching, dry skin areas or redness
  • Helpful for cortisone skin, neurodermatitis, burns of the skin
  • Scar care, e.g. after caesarean section, leads to a smooth, inconspicuous scar
  • Skin barrier is built up for better protection of the skin
  • Stressed or sensitive skin calms down
Beaute Omar Lineup Seria Cutaneous

And why “new generation”? 10 reasons why!

BEAUTÉ OMAR has set itself the goal of caring for your skin sustainably with the most modern and highest quality ingredients. The innovation is the symbiosis of natural and important synthetic active ingredients, which is unparalleled.

It does this by:

  1. All natural oils are used according to the current ecological guidelines ( kbA-Öle). They come from certified organic cultivation.
  2. One hyaluronic acid is not enough for us. We use two different pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acids in our products.
  3. The South African Ubuntum Ximenia Virgin oil has otherwise always been used in baby care. We use it because it not only moisturises, but is also very effective at quickly acting on redness and irritation.
  4. Our combination of peptides, provide a bio-placenta. Studies have seen an increase in collagen and elastin production. This means more resilience for your skin.
  5. We eliminate traditional preservatives in favour of moisturising Pentylene Glycol and allergen-free fragrance.
  6. Scar Rescue Cream is a silicone-free scar cream that contains pure collagen. This promotes the structural transformation of the scar into normal skin.
  7. As a Clean Cosmetic, Seria Cutaneous is vegan, except for the Scar Cream (which contains collagen).
  8. Germ-free: All products are filled in an airless dispenser. The products contain pure water, medical grade. No cream yolks, in that yesterday’s bacteria are reapplied to the skin the next morning, as this often leads to skin blemishes.
  9. All products contain no microplastics, no parabens, no mineral oil or palm oil, no silicone.
  10. The products have twice the content of conventional cosmetics. Problem skin in particular has a higher and regular need for care. We don’t want you to have to skimp on the product when using it!

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Three different products specially matched to each other

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Face cream with hyaluron & vitamin E.

Scar cream

Scar Rescue Cream

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Scar cream for skin care after operations or burns.

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Shower gel for dry skin with coconut oil and amino acids for intensive moisture.


BEAUTÉ Bundles


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Four different products specially matched.

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Body cream with hyaluron & urea for dry skin.