Frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life of the Seria Cutaneous products?

All products can be used for over six months after opening. During this time, however, they should not be exposed to intense sunlight for long periods of time.

Yes, the products contain different fragrances. They are natural fragrances. For the Deep Cleansing Body Wash, an orange-citrus scent has been added.
For the creams, the Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream, the Surgi Boost Face Cream and the Scar Rescue Cream, a hypoallergenic perfume has been used that cannot cause allergies on the skin. It smells pleasantly of chamomile-orange.

All Seriae Cutaneous products are biodegradable. They contain no microplastics, no parabens.

Yes, the mild preservative pentylene glycol. A preservative must be used to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Pentylene glycol has a moisturising effect in addition to its antibacterial effect. It is a dihydric alcohol, a diol. Thus, it nourishes rather than dries it out. Therefore, pentylene glycol is not considered a preservative according to the Cosmetics Ordinance.

Yes, the products contain two types of hyaluronic acid. A non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid that moisturises the skin protectively on the surface and a pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid that can penetrate deep into the skin layers.
The hyaluronic acid is biotechnologically produced on a natural basis. The hyaluron is much purer and does not come from animal materials. This hyaluronic acid is free of allergens and therefore cannot trigger any allergic reactions on the skin. It is therefore the purest form of hyaluronic acid and is of pharmaceutical quality. The structure of this hyaluronic acid is so fine that it can penetrate the skin’s barrier layers and provide it with long-lasting moisture.

The packaging can be disposed of in the yellow bin.
The 400ml dispensers can be washed in the dishwasher and then refilled and reused.
Environmentally friendly refill packs are being planned.

The products contain no animal ingredients except for the scar cream. This contains pure, high-quality collagen to support the restoration of the new skin. This originally comes from pigs.

The products use pure water and are filled in airless dispensers. Therefore, the creams are highly pure products.
They can be applied to the skin shortly after surgery and to closed wounds. However, they should not be applied to open wounds.

No, the creams do not content a sun protector.

Our scar cream contains collagen as well as natural ingredients. Silicones, as in conventional scar creams, have been dispensed with. The collagen corresponds to the skin’s collagen type 1.


The wound usually takes up to 14 days to heal. After the wound has healed completely, the scar cream can be applied thinly to the fresh scar 1-2 times a day.

The fragrance, but also the ingredients, can be used by both women and men with the same application and frequency. The fragrance is kept subtle so that it can also be incorporated into a man’s daily care routine.