The values of the BEAUTÉ OMAR family

We have defined clear values in our BEAUTÉ family, which we would like to tell you about

Transparency is important to us!

All our creams and ingredients are self-certified. The quality of our ingredients is of the highest level that the market has to offer. We use as little natural fillers as possible, which are also nourishing, such as sunflower oil.

The origin of the ingredients are mainly from Germany. We have had our products developed and produced in Germany. Made in Germany.

The natural oils are organic oils, i.e. they come from controlled organic cultivation.

zertifizierte Produktebiologische Produkte

BEAUTÉ OMAR Nachhaltigkeit


Packaging: As a young family business, we work to operate as sustainably as possible. Our bottles can be washed out and reused. They go back into the recycling chain as aluminium containers.


All creams and the Deep Cleansing Body Wash are biodegradable. They leave no non-biodegradable products in the sea or in nature.

Of course, the products of the Seria Cutaneous contain:
No microplastics, no palm oil, no silicones, no parabens, no conventional preservatives and are developed to be animal-friendly!

vegane Produktesilikonfreie Produkteparabenfreie Produkte ohne Palmölkein Mikroplastik

Our partners already work in a CO2 neutral way. Our goal for 2023 is to become climate neutral.

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