The journey of Dr. Mariam Omar and how the Seria Cutaneous came about

“Your skin is a mirror of your life and protects your body from external influences. Therefore, you should give your skin, with the care of pure and sustainable products, a high daily value!” – Dr. Mariam Omar

Our founder, Dr. Mariam Omar studied in Hamburg. She grew up in Kenya, Zanzibar and Germany.

As a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, her greatest wish was not only to heal people but also to give them an improved quality of life.

“When I was caring for severely burned children and adults in South Africa, the painful and noticeable scars were always a burdening problem for my patients after surviving operations. Therefore, it was my wish to develop a natural-based scar cream that would make it more comfortable and liveable for them in the long run.”

Dr. Mariam Omar

Dr. Mariam Omar

Nature meets Science

Her specialist training took place in London, Rio, Cape Town and Cologne. She founded her private clinic in her native city of Berlin and held on to the desire to develop a medical cosmetic as an active ingredient cosmetic under the motto “Nature meets Science”. The doctor brand BEAUTÉ OMAR was born in Hamburg.

The result is a certified active ingredient cosmetic of the new generation with a booster effect. The symbiosis is based on certified, natural ingredients and high-quality active ingredients produced in modern, biotechnological processes.

The Seria Cutaneous product family began with the scar cream, SCAR RESCUE CREAM, followed by other products:

Further products are in development and will be launched in spring 2023.

Nature meets Science

The Shape of Life to come…

The Hamburg developer gave the answer for the creation of these products in his laboratory. Work was done with test groups and the formulation of the product was constantly optimised and adapted. After another year, the development was completed and production could begin.

The production of the products is very special due to their biological composition and the absence of conventional preservatives. However, this could be successfully implemented by a Munich-based contract bottler.

The design of the packaging and bottles is high-quality and recyclable. It is meant to underline the special quality of the products. The design for this was developed by the husband of our founder Marc Omar, a Hamburg native. He is a recognised product designer of the Grupo del Cafe Palermo and gave the doctor brand an identity in the product language.


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