Seria Cutaneous

Welcome to Beauté Omar with the new Seria Cutaeous natural skincare range.

With its high-quality active ingredients, it has been developed to meet the needs of your skin after medical treatments. Thus, an effective cosmetic care line has been created.

The high-quality ingredients also pamper dry skin or skin that needs a lot of care.

The application of the care series is structured in such a way that your skin is optimally cared for at all times.

Seria Cutaneous

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What makes Seria Cutaneous so special?

  • All products contain pure water, so the products can be used on freshly closed wounds
  • The moisturising pentylene glycol has been used as a mild preservative.
  • The natural cosmetics are vegan, except for the scar cream (which contains collagen).
  • All products contain no microplastics, no parabens, no mineral oil or palm oil. 
  • All natural oils are used in accordance with current ecological guidelines (organic oils).

How to use the skincare range

Your BEAUTÉ journey begins here:

You start with the Deep Cleansing Body Wash:
It is a deep cleansing shower gel consisting of cleansing and moisturising coconut oil. The amino acids it contains provide optimal care for your skin. It is therefore ideally prepared for stressful situations such as extensive skin disinfection before operations. 
You continue your journey with the Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream:
The body cream consists of natural and highly developed ingredients.

The natural substances include the intensively nourishing Ubuntum Ximenia Virgin Oil. It soothes your skin and can reduce redness, itching and irritation. Other ingredients include pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid. The peptides it contains add an extra portion of care to your skin. They are therefore particularly suitable for use after liposuction or major operations where compression garments have to be worn.

Pamper your face on your journey with Surgi Boost Face Cream.
This exceptional face cream pampers your skin with two different hyaluronic acids and Virgin Oil. The texture is very light, although it contains a highly dosed cocktail of natural oils. These can provide cooling and pleasant care for swellings and haematomas. Especially after facial treatments, small bruises or swellings on the face and around the eyes are disturbing. It can be applied once or several times a day, depending on your needs.

End your BEAUTÉ journey with Scar Rescue Cream:

This soothes the skin with ginger oil, and helps it restructure with pure collagen. Hemp seed oil and shea butter soften the scar.
Due to the composition of the ingredients, the scar cream contains no silicones.

Have fun on your BEAUTÉ journey!


Body and Face Care


Three different products specially matched to each other

Face cream with hyaluron & vitamin E.

Scar cream

Scar Rescue Cream

Scar cream for skin care after operations or burns.

Shower gel for dry skin with coconut oil and amino acids for intensive moisture.

Body and Face Care


Four different products specially matched.

Body cream with hyaluron & urea for dry skin.