Deep Cleansing Body Wash – Shower gel for dry skin

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Shower gel for dry skin with coconut oil and amino acids for intensive moisture.

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Vegan | Without microplastics | Without parabens

deep cleansing shower gel
coconut oil & amino acids provide intensive moisture
moisturising care for dry skin
can be used after operations, for neurodermatitis, before and after childbirth
enticing orange & lemon scent
in 400 ml advantage size with pump dispenser

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Age: All ages or 20+
Skin type: Dry skin
Effect: Deep cleansing, moisturising, replenishing
Consistency: Gel
Properties: Nourishing, clarifying
Area of application: Body

Deep Cleansing Body Wash is the optimal shower gel for dry and sensitive skin.
With its active ingredients such as coconut oil and amino acids, it moisturises the skin and has a deep cleansing effect. The product also convinces with its scent of fresh oranges and lemons, which remains on the skin for a long time. In particular, the shower gel cares for neurodermatitis skin with its moisturising properties, after operations or before and after childbirth. Also soothes sensitive scalps.

Ingredients of the Deep Cleansing Body Wash

Basis Inhaltsstoffe

Aqua: Pure water that is also used in medicine.
Citric Acid: Citric acid removes dandruff and rough spots and smoothes the skin.
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: Coconut oil is intensely moisturising, disinfecting, deep cleansing and nourishing at the same time as being fragrant.
Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate: It is a nice foaming agent and a mild amino acid surfactant.
PCA Glyceryl Oleate: This is an eco-certified and natural refatting agent.


Pentylene glycol: A polyhydric alcohol that binds water but is also used as a moisturising preservative.
Xanthan gum: This is a fermentation product based on natural microorganisms.

Cocoamidopropyl Betaine: This ingredient cleanses, is anti-static and foaming.
Lauryl Glucoside: This is a caring surfactant for cleansing sensitive skin.
Phytic Acid: Product stabiliser and anti-oxidant from cereals.
Sodium Chloride: common salt (viscosity regulating).
Glycerin: A popular moisturiser in skin care due to its good skin compatibility.


Limonene: Antioxidant, radical scavenger
Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract: The active ingredient dissolves dead cells from the skin and is antiseptic.
Citral: antibacterial
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil: The ingredient has a high content of vitamin C, has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents pigment spots.

Optimal use of the Deep Cleansing Body Wash

Apply the Deep Cleansing Body Wash with one to two pumps to moisturised skin. Due to the mild formulation, there is only a slight foaming effect. Then rinse off thoroughly.

For normal skin, a subsequent moisturiser is usually not necessary. If you tend to have dry skin (or atopic dermatitis or aged skin), we recommend Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream as the ideal body cream.

The Deep Cleansing Body Wash has a deep cleansing effect, is moisturising and nourishing. It is especially suitable for dry skin and supports the acid mantle of your skin. The shower gel gives your body an enticing orange and lemon scent.

Dr. Mariam Omar

The Deep Cleansing Body Wash is a shower gel that cleanses your skin intensively and at the same time moisturises it thanks to the coconut oil. It is suitable for the whole family. The mild surfactants are gentle on your skin and the amino acids provide additional care. Especially for users who don’t like to apply lotion after showering or after a day at the seaside. If you have always had a tendency to very dry skin or neurodermatitis, it is the ideal body cleanser.

Dr. Mariam Omar

“(…) After about 3-4 applications, I could already notice how the skin on my lower legs became less flaky. So I am very satisfied, especially since a pump dispenser is very economical. (…)”

Mr P.

“(…) The first time I used it, I was immediately struck by this pleasantly refreshing citrus scent. The ideal wake-up and good mood booster, especially early in the morning. The gel is very easy to dose with the pump dispenser and spreads very evenly on the skin. (…)”

Mr P.

“I received the recommendation for the body wash and tried it out. It is very well tolerated by problem skin, which also reacts quickly allergic. The product is also very economical and smells great.”
Mr T.

When is the best time to use the shower gel?

The Deep Cleansing Body Wash shower gel can be used daily. Because of the moisturising substances it contains, such as coconut oil and amino acids, it even has a nourishing effect. It is ideal for use the day before a medical procedure because it cleanses the skin deeply without drying it out.

How much shower gel do I need to shower thoroughly?

The shower gel is very economical. You don’t need more than three pumps from the dispenser per shower. Two are usually enough.

Can I use the shower gel on fresh surgical wounds?

The product is excellent for the care of damaged skin. For example, if you have just had an operation or medical procedure, you can clean the affected areas thoroughly.

Is the shower gel also suitable for neurodermatitis or psoriasis?

You can also use the shower gel if you have neurodermatitis or psoriasis. It has a moisturising effect and does not irritate the affected skin.

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