Facial care from 50: Do’s and Don ‘ts

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The right skin care routine ensures a healthy complexion even as we age. Anti-ageing cream, good ingredients, moisture and vitamins should not be missing in skin care from 50 onwards. These reduce the appearance of wrinkles and combat skin ageing. Here you can find out which facial care products make your skin glow from the age of 50 and what the ideal routine looks like.

Your skin over 50: How it changes

Have you just celebrated your 50s? Then you can look forward to an exciting phase of your life. You’ve already experienced a lot. Definitely a reason to be proud of yourself. Even after this special birthday, self-love for soul and body is still in demand. After all, skin over 50 shows the first signs of ageing:

  • deeper wrinkles
  • dry skin that loses moisture
  • loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • pigment shifts (so-called age spots)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Deterioration of skin quality

The causes of these skin changes are multifactorial, i.e. they depend on various criteria. It is based on a slowed metabolism of the skin, which is also caused by the decreasing female hormones such as oestrogen and gestagen. The keratinised cells of the epidermis are not replaced as quickly by fresh young cells.

In the dermis, the connective tissue layer, fresh collagen and elastin are formed more slowly and the fibroblasts are reduced. Furthermore, mature skin loses its fine pores and is more susceptible to dryness. The decrease of the skin’s sebum triggers such changes. As we age, their production is reduced due to the slowed metabolism. As a result, the skin’s natural protection is lost and moisture loss occurs. The skin’s natural protection is lost.

The melanin cells, which are responsible for the formation of the skin pigment, the skin colour, now form their melanin several times unevenly. This obviously leads to age spots, not only on the face but also on the hands.

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Causes of the skin change

Visible consequences for the skin

Loss of elasticity and resilience

Reduction of collagen and elastin synthesis, wrinkles become deeper

Loss of fine pores

Coarse pores and uneven skin texture

Decrease in production of the sebaceous glands of natural skin sebum

Dry skin, moisture loss

Irregular production of melanin cells

Age spots

Supporting tissue loses collagen and elastin fibres

Thin skin and subcutis

Resistance of the skin decreases

Protective barrier against environmental influences becomes lower

In contrast to the skin from the age of 40, the pigmentary shifts of mature skin at 50 are significantly greater, as is the loss of volume in the fatty tissue layer. Wrinkles now appear deeper. The biggest aging factor after 50 is the decrease in fullness of the face. These are caused by a decrease in

  • Fat tissue
  • Circumference of the facial bones

These changes are most decisive for the expression of the ageing face. Only then do the other factors follow, such as loss of elasticity. You can counteract such changes with a facial care for sensitive skin over 50.

The best ingredients for skin care over 50

Skin over 50 needs lasting protection against ageing processes and environmental influences. The ingredients listed in the following table support your skin in its regeneration:




Contained in


Collagen production

Creams, growth factors (scientifically produced)

Hyaluronic acid

Moisture, stimulates cell metabolism

Creams and serums

Vitamin A

Synthetic retinol

Promotes collagen production and cell renewal, more radiance for the skin, regulates pigmentation

Carrots, eggs or synthetic in creams and serums

Vitamin C

Anti-oxidant, inhibits inflammatory processes, stimulates collagen synthesis

Citrus fruits, serums

Vitamin E

Protects against environmental influences, radical scavenger with cell protection function, moisture-binding

Sunflower oil, plant leaves, creams


Supports the repair processes of the skin, promotes healing

Contained in creams


Anti-aging active ingredient that stimulates collagen production, firmer skin

Anti-ageing care products


Replaces the missing skin sebum, makes the skin supple

Pharmaceutically manufactured

Anti-ageing cream from 50: What really helps against wrinkles?

For a sensible treatment of wrinkles at 50, a distinction is first made in their origin. Various causes lead to the formation of wrinkles and skin ageing. There are two types of wrinkles that can be distinguished:

  • The mimic facial wrinkles
  • The static facial wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles come about through:

  • Movement such as the frown line or forehead wrinkles. When young, the skin compensates for movement, but with age it loses its elasticity and the wrinkles become increasingly imprinted on the skin. One treatment option is injection with botulinum toxin A.
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Static wrinkles are caused by:

  • Loss of fatty tissue in the subcutis and reduction in bone volume
  • Loss of elasticity of the static ligaments (retaining ligaments in the face)
  • Loss of moisture in the skin

However, if the wrinkle is already advanced, an injection with cross-linked hyaluronic acid makes sense. Because of its structure, it remains in the subcutaneous layer for months. The hyaluronic acid then successfully binds water and lifts the wrinkle with its own volume.

Ingredients in your anti-ageing face cream

Incorporating the following ingredients into your skin care will also help reduce wrinkles:

  • Vitamin A: This nutrient protects the skin from negative environmental influences
  • Short-chain hyaluronic acid: This is a short molecule that penetrates the deeper layer of the skin. It binds water, thus providing more moisture and reducing wrinkles
  • High-quality peptides: They give your skin strength and make it more resistant to ageing
  • Adenosine: The active ingredient has an anti-ageing effect and stimulates the metabolism

A high-quality anti-wrinkle face cream should contain at least two of the above ingredients. It is best to avoid skin-damaging ingredients such as PGEs, parabens or microplastics. Ideally, the day cream provides the following anti-wrinkle effect:

  • Metabolism-stimulating effect
  • A firming feeling of the skin
  • Pigment-regulating: dark pigments often make wrinkles look deeper
  • Optimal moisturising
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Body cream with hyaluron & urea for dry skin.

Morning and evening care routines for skin over 50

Your skin needs daily care. A regular routine in everyday life, preferably in the morning and evening, is therefore advisable. This is the only way to achieve your desired goals and counteract the ageing process of your skin.

Your care routine for the morning

Step 1: Cleansing

  • Product: Mild self-foaming facial cleanser, followed by a mild tonic, e.g. micellar water or high-quality facial toners with good ingredients.
  • How to use: First wash your face with the mild facial cleanser. The water temperature depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, then you should cleanse your face with lukewarm water at the most. Higher water temperatures are no problem for oily or normal skin types. However, cold water stimulates the blood circulation. For final cleansing, apply tonic. To do this, apply it to a reusable cotton pad and lightly wipe it over your skin.
  • Effect: Optimal facial cleansing removes impurities, while the micellar water dissolves residues and lime deposits from the water. This leaves the skin ready for the following care.
  • BEAUTÉ TIP: Ask your pharmacist for a mild tonic.

Step 2: Your pampering moments with the face cream

  • Product: A rich body cream that harmonises with hyaluron and high-quality oils and a moisturising care for the face. This cream should have an anti-ageing effect and at least SPF30.
  • Application: Use a cream for sensitive skin that can be supplemented with an SPF30 factor in summer. In addition, it should contain ingredients such as tocopherol and vitamin E as at least one radical scavenger.

Your evening care routine

Step 1: Mild enzyme peeling

  • Product: Gentle enzyme peeling
    Application: Best before going to bed, the skin processes the active ingredients better at night.
  • Effect: Freshens up the horny epithelial layer, increases the blood circulation of the skin and visibly cleanses the horny layers from the skin surface.

Step 2: intensive night care

  • Product: It is best to use a face cream with after-sun properties in summer, which can contain aloe vera, coconut oil or other high-quality oils. But the skin also needs to be protected from the sun’s rays in winter. A hyaluronic mask is also very suitable to care for your skin at night.
  • Effect: Virgin oil and Alore Vera moisturise the skin and soothe inflammatory processes that can be caused by strong UV radiation, for example.
  • BEAUTÉ TiPP: The face cream should not contain any drying preservatives, but should be beneficial to the skin. Pentylene glycol, for example, is a bivalent alcohol that, unlike other active ingredients, moisturises the skin and is harmless.
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BEAUTÉ Do’s & Don’ts for every skin: What’s especially important from 50 onwards

You are what you eat! You can also control the anti-ageing process of your skin through your diet. With all the applications, your lifestyle is at least as important. Therefore, from the age of 50 at the latest, you should no longer expose your skin to certain negative food and environmental influences.

Try to cut down on the following things:

  • Cigarettes: whether e-cigarettes or hand-rolled cigarettes, they are collagen killers.
  • Alcohol: washes up on the face and body, disturbs fat metabolism
  • Intensive sunbathing: whether on the balcony, by the sea, while hiking or in everyday life: especially in summer it is advisable to protect the skin from the sun’s rays
  • Poor diet: You should try to reduce a low-vitamin, one-sided and high-fat diet to a minimum.

How to do something good for your skin:

  • A healthy diet: Mediterranean cuisine with unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil, is particularly effective for the well-being of your skin. But different kinds of vegetables and fruits also help. Vitamin A is found in carrots, berries, spinach and cabbage. Eating these foods reduces the sebum production of the facial skin. Antioxidants also work against the ageing process; they protect against negative influences such as cigarette smoke and are found in apples, blueberries, bananas and lemons.
  • Drink plenty: at least 2.5 litres of water or clear, unsweetened liquid a day, even more on hot days.
  • Regular exercise pushes your metabolism in every way, including that of your skin.
  • Stabilise hormones: Female sex hormones regulate the formation of collagen on the skin. If hormones are not stable, it can lead to collagen breakdown. The result is soft and rapidly ageing skin. Therefore, it can be helpful to consult a gynaecologist.
  • Happiness: Even small things before the care routine, such as beliefs, short meditation sessions, the smell of coffee or even your own smile in front of the mirror, boost the happiness hormones. They are necessary and a beautiful way to love yourself. Happiness hormones are known to positively stimulate the entire hormone metabolism. The result: beautiful, radiant skin.
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Your anti-ageing care from 50 onwards is not only limited to your face. The body is also subject to an ageing process. Therefore, think about a rich body cream with valuable ingredients. The Surgi Boost body cream contains DMS (Derma Membrane Structure), a special ingredient that replaces the skin’s natural sebum.

Conclusion: Optimal care for your skin over 50 can be achieved in two ways. A healthy and balanced diet strengthens the skin from the inside. For effective protection from the outside, active cosmetics that are geared to the needs of your skin can help. However, a positive attitude to life is always the strongest moment that makes you radiate.

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