Why ceramides are the must-have for autumn

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“Must-have for Sensitive Skin: Ceramides – Valuable Benefits and Properties for Your Skincare Routine”

Discover the must-have for sensitive skin: ceramides. These valuable ingredients support your skin barrier and aid in moisture retention, reducing dryness and wrinkles.

Learn more about the benefits of ceramides in the following text.

What are ceramides, and why are they important for skin health?

Ceramides are lipids, naturally produced fats that exist in the outermost layer, the stratum corneum, of our skin, playing a crucial role in maintaining its health. Due to their lipid arrangement as a double bond, they form a “skin barrier.” They significantly contribute to keeping our skin barrier intact and retaining moisture in our skin layers.

They not only protect the skin from drying out but also from the penetration of harmful environmental factors such as dust, bacteria, and viruses.

A lack of ceramides disrupts the skin’s resistance. Sensitive skin is characterized, among other things, by a pronounced lack of ceramides.

This can lead to skin moisture loss and the penetration of environmental influences, resulting in symptoms such as:

  • Skin irritations like redness, irritations, and tightness
  • Pathological skin changes such as dermatoses

This situation is also a factor in premature skin aging and promotes the appearance of wrinkles. Hence, it’s essential to incorporate products containing ceramide-rich ingredients into your skincare routine, especially if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin. They build your skin barrier sustainably.

Nature meets Science: Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream as an Example

Seria cutaneous, as medical skincare and active cosmetics, has integrated ceramides into the Surgi Boost Face Cream and the Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream.

The natural production of ceramides in the skin is age-dependent.

Ceramides are produced by our bodies, but this production decreases as we age. This leads to increasingly sensitive skin, which, in advanced age, is often combined with very thin parchment-like skin (also known as cortisone skin), limiting daily life quality. Highly vulnerable skin, accompanied by skin cracks and irritations, is not uncommon. High-quality and regular care on the face and body, containing not only ceramides but also high-quality hyaluronic acid, as well as Vitamin E and Dexpanthenol, can effectively restore the skin to a healthy appearance.

What Benefits do Other Ingredients Offer for Sensitive Skin?

Some products contain not only ceramides but also other important ingredients like the aforementioned hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E or linoleic acid to achieve even better results.

Pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid is exceptionally pure, with allergenic proteins washed out. It prevents skin dryness. BEAUTÉ OMAR’s Seria Cutaneous products include two different hyaluronic acids in their creams and even 4 different ones in their serum. These differ in chain lengths. Thus, the long-chained one protects the upper skin layer, while the shorter chains penetrate deeper skin layers, providing intense moisture.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from harmful, age-triggering skin damage. Additionally, it supports a variety of repair mechanisms in our skin, such as the regeneration of the skin barrier.

Studies and Research Results on the Positive Effects of Ceramides on the Skin

Studies and research have shown that ceramides have a positive effect on the skin. It has been observed that ceramide-containing products can increase skin moisture levels and strengthen its protective barrier, making the skin more resilient to environmental stressors. Moreover, ceramides help reduce wrinkles and smooth the appearance of fine lines. In the skincare world, more and more ceramide-containing products are being offered, but it’s important to note that not all brands or ingredients are equal. An important step in choosing the right product with ceramides is ensuring it contains natural ceramides, especially linoleic acid ceramides.

Jojoba oil, added as a natural ceramide in the Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream, possesses natural ceramides that are structurally similar to human ceramides.

Furthermore, it’s essential to pay attention to other active ingredients like Vitamin E to achieve maximum effectiveness. Positive experiences of people with sensitive skin confirm these benefits, showing a clear difference in the quality of their skin after using ceramide-rich products compared to before. Whether you haven’t tried a product with ceramides yet or are already a fan, give it a try!

How to Maximize Ceramide Absorption through the Skin?

To maximize ceramide absorption through the skin, there are some steps to consider.

Firstly, it’s important to opt for high-quality products containing ceramides as ingredients. These can be available in the form of serums or creams, often specially designed for dry or sensitive skin. Particularly, fillers should have a minimal percentage and be of high quality and as natural as possible.

An important step is cleansing the skin before applying ceramide products. Clean and well-hydrated skin can enhance the effects of ceramides, aiding in reducing wrinkles and overall improving skincare.

The product should contain Vitamin E, such as the Surgi Boost Face Cream. This can help optimize the absorption of ceramides through the skin.

Moreover, consumers should ensure to buy only branded products that contain high-quality synthetic as well as natural ceramides.

Experience Reports: People with sensitive skin report their positive experiences with ceramide-rich products

Experience reports are highly valuable in the skincare industry as they provide insights into the actual effectiveness of products. People with sensitive skin increasingly report their positive experiences with ceramide-containing products. Ceramides offer a variety of benefits for sensitive skin, such as protection and strengthening of the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss and wrinkle formation, as well as improving the appearance of dry skin. There are many products on the market containing ceramides – from serums to body creams of various brands. When selecting the right product, it’s important to pay attention to ingredients like linoleic acid and Vitamin E to ensure the product is truly effective.

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Another important step in choosing the right product is to ensure it contains both synthetic and natural ceramides – this will ensure that your body can utilize both types and thus gain maximum benefits. With these tips, you should be able to select the best ceramide-containing product for your needs!

Conclusion: Why You Should Definitely Use Products Containing Ceramides

Overall, it’s clear: ceramides are an essential part of our skin health. They help strengthen your skin barrier and increase its resilience. A lack of ceramides can lead to dry, sensitive skin. When searching for the right product, pay attention to the ingredient list, the INCI, and choose a product that meets your individual needs. We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about ceramides and that you are motivated to read more articles on our site. Remember: with the right care, you can give your skin a healthy and radiant BEAUTÉ glow!