Why active cosmetics? The revolution in skin care and what are the differences to conventional cosmetics


Here we reveal the secret of active ingredient cosmetics and what sets them apart from conventional cosmetics.

The Berlinale 2024 is over and the photos of the famous personalities are still in our memories. What stands out in most red carpet photos are the radiant faces, which often show impressive, healthy and smooth skin. We’re already wondering how that can be.

A not insignificant factor for sustainably healthy, radiant skin is the active ingredient cosmetics.

BEAUTÉ OMAR has taken a new approach to skin care with the Seria Cutaneous. The doctor’s burn from the plastic surgeon Dr. Mariam Omar, composes the product family’s ingredients according to the principle: Nature meets Science. She has thus pioneered a new generation of active ingredient cosmetics.

Discover all the secrets, tips and tricks about active ingredient cosmetics here. Find your personal beauty routine for radiantly beautiful skin.

What distinguishes active ingredient cosmetics in skin care: unique combination and high concentration of a variety of ingredients

Often a product with an ingredient is always advertised in advertising. An example is the cream with hyaluronic acid. This often describes a product that is rich in fillers, preservatives and other sometimes harmful ingredients (parabens, microplastics, PGE’s), but low in the actual active ingredient that is being advertised, such as hyaluronic acid. In active ingredient cosmetics, many different ingredients of natural origin or based on scientifically based findings are brought together in high concentrations in one product. In highest purity, but only unavoidable fillers to ensure the consistency of a cream, but with a skin-friendly preservative system. This means that this form of cosmetics is often hypoallergenic and therefore enjoys a high level of tolerability.

Here are the most important points of active ingredient cosmetics:

  • High concentration of natural ingredients and active ingredients
  • High purity of the ingredients, certified
  • High number of different ingredients
  • No conventional preservatives
  • Any waiver of parabens, PGE’S, microplastics
  • Low concentration of fillers, but mostly on a natural basis
  • High level of tolerability even for sensitive skin
  • Deep effectiveness: Activity of the ingredients right into the deep layers of the skin, cell stimulation
  • Reverberation effect: sustainably healthy complexion

The targeted use of high-quality active ingredients can ensure that your skin develops into a sustainably healthy complexion. The improvement in skin structure goes hand in hand with purity of the skin, optimal blood circulation and even pigmentation as well as rich, moisturized skin with a healthy level of elasticity. Wrinkles become flatter or disappear.

In contrast to conventional cosmetics, active ingredient products contain specific ingredients such as pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid, peptides (such as IGF and EGF) and vitamins that can penetrate deep into the skin and develop their full power there.

These effective substances offer deep and lasting care, as they penetrate directly from the upper layer of the skin into the dermis, the subcutaneous layer and sometimes even deeper, where they can develop their activities on the cells. This means they can respond to the individual needs of your skin. Whether you want to use anti-aging properties of the products, suffer from stressed skin or want to care for your skin intensively after a medical procedure, the new generation of active ingredient cosmetics tackles exactly these problems and offers new skin solutions.

The difference between conventional cosmetics and active ingredient cosmetics

In the world of skin care, it is crucial to understand the difference between traditional cosmetics and active cosmetics. While conventional products often only have a superficial effect, active cosmetics rely specifically on high-quality ingredients that are characterized by their purity and high concentration of ingredients in the products. The composition of the ingredients is also crucial for a high level of activity of the cream ingredients in your skin.

Through the targeted selection of active ingredients, these cosmetics offer an effective solution to various skin problems or even skin diseases:

  • Drought,
  • sensitive skin,
  • Redness
  • irritation
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkle formation

Which ingredients make active cosmetics so effective for improved skin structure

A secret that transforms your skin using the example of the patented peptide complex. This contains 5 (!) different peptides, which have a lasting effect on the production of collagen and elastin. In addition to IGF and EGF, three other growth factors are also active. They all act like an organic placenta. This can also affect the melanocytes, which are also found in the dermis. They are responsible for skin color, pigmentation. There are a number of observations that regulate pigmentation with regular use. And often a change in the blood circulation in the skin. Fine veins fade. The overall appearance of the skin becomes finer-pored and more radiant with a healthy level of elasticity.

With increasing age, the elasticity of the face and body decreases. This is largely due to the decline in the skin’s supporting fibers, which contain the building blocks collagen and elastin. The booster effect of the peptides stimulates and maintains this. Collagen and elastin production is increased.

The most important prerequisite for this, however, is skin that is well supplied with nutrients and moisture in the skin. That’s why the Surgi Boost Face Cream, the Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream and the Hyaluron-4-Iconic Booter Serum have up to 4 (!) different hyaluronic acids. The different molecule sizes can penetrate into the different levels of the skin and provide the skin with lasting moisture for hours. The peptides, which correspond to growth factors, can therefore develop their effect optimally.

The resistance also increases with the help of vitamin E and ceramides. This gives your skin the care it deserves to look youthful, fresh and healthy. Discover for yourself how active ingredient cosmetics can revolutionize your skin structure and give you a new level of beauty.

Care routine briefly explained: Beauty routine with the active cosmetics from BEAUTÉ OMAR

  1. Cleansing: Your face and body should be cleansed with a mild cleansing gel before every beauty application. The Deep Cleansing Body Wash has a deep cleansing effect with the coconut oil as well as the amino acids and mild surfactants and can be used for the body, but also for the face. Make-up residues should be completely removed.
  2. Care: The body can be cared for with the Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream after the skin has dried. You can now care for your face with the Hyaluron-4-Iconic Booster Serum. It’s a splash of moisture with four different hyaluronic acids and the peptide complex. It is also suitable for men after shaving as it contains soothing cucumber water as a base. One or two drops are enough for the face, neck and décolleté. If the skin is very thirsty, you can repeat the process.
  3. After one to two minutes, the serum has been absorbed and you can now apply the Surgi Boost Face Cream. With its light consistency, it is quickly absorbed.
  4. Apply make-up: The care product is very suitable as a make-up base. You no longer need primer. If you tend to have combination or oily skin, you can also use the serum as a primer. The serum is particularly suitable as a sole care product when temperatures are high in summer and can also be used as a basis for sun protection.
  5. Enjoy the BEAUTÉ Glow!

Why individual advice is important when selecting active ingredient products

The world of active ingredient cosmetics is diverse and innovative – making the choice is often not easy. Individual advice can be worth its weight in gold here, because every skin type has specific needs. With professional advice, you can ensure that the selected active products are optimally tailored to your skin. This will help you achieve the best possible results and maximize the effectiveness of the products. Experts can help you identify the right ingredients to hydrate, brighten and nourish your skin. A tailor-made care routine with high-quality active cosmetics

can make a real difference and ensure long-term healthy and beautiful skin. Therefore, it is definitely worth getting professional advice and finding the ideal set of products for your skin care together.

Sustainability and naturalness – a trend in the world of active ingredient products

A breath of fresh air is blowing through the world of active ingredient cosmetics – sustainability and naturalness are no longer just trends, but indispensable principles. More and more people in Germany are paying attention to environmentally friendly aspects and natural ingredients when purchasing skin care products. The combination of effectiveness and environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important. Cosmetics manufacturers are responding to this with innovative concepts that combine skin care products with highly effective active ingredients and sustainable production methods. Vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other effective ingredients are increasingly found in natural active cosmetic products. The conscious treatment of one’s own skin and the environment is therefore becoming the focus. This development makes it clear: Sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a crucial factor for a holistic, healthy care routine that will make your skin shine in the long term.