Enjoy active cosmetics: 5 tips for clever skin care on Mother’s Day!

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Enjoy active cosmetics: 5 tips for clever skin care on Mother’s Day!

Spring is just around the corner, and isn’t that what they say? Everything new comes in May? Then Smart Skincare is just what you need for Mother’s Day! With our 5 tips, you can find the perfect balance between nature and science to care for your skin in a healthier and more effective sustainable way. And these tips are timeless, so important for all ages. Let’s find out together how Smart Skincare can help your skin look more radiant!

Why is it important to have smart skin care?

Smart skincare means that your skin appears healthy and radiant summer and winter, because it is optimally cared for in every season. It means that your skin feels firm yet supple and radiates a healthy, fresh glow!

Smart skincare also means being aware of the ingredients in our products and how they affect our skin. On the BEAUTÉ OMAR website, you can read about the ingredients and their effects on each product. By using products that are tailored to our individual needs, it protects against environmental influences, premature skin ageing and skin problems of sagging, tired skin, dryness and redness as well as skin irritation.

We like to take a short Personality Time Out to make our skin care routine a personal Well-Being Time, adapted to our needs. This way we can enjoy healthy and beautiful skin in the long term.

Tip 1: Nutrition as the key to healthy skin

You want healthy and radiant skin? You are what you eat! Because what we eat has a direct influence on our skin. A balanced diet with vegetables, proteins and minerals provides our body with important vitamins and antioxidants that protect our skin from free radicals and thus counteract premature skin ageing. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, nuts and seeds such as chia seeds, can also improve skin metabolism and thus skin quality and elasticity, and reduce inflammation. However, avoid too much sugar and fatty foods, as these can stimulate sebum production and thus lead to skin blemishes. Trans fats are particularly harmful for healthy skin. Foods with olive oil are a small fountain of youth! A healthy diet is not only good for your health, but also for your skin!

Tip 2: Renew and maintain the natural balance of your skin!

A healthy balance is the key to radiant skin. But how can you achieve and maintain this balance? Tip number 2 is to renew and maintain your natural balance. This is about keeping your skin hydrated while strengthening its natural protective mechanisms. Use products that hydrate your skin while supporting its natural barrier.

Surgi Boost Face Cream and Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream contain two different pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acids. This moisturises your skin not only on the surface, but also in the deep layers of the skin. The ingredients vitamin E and dexpanthenol are excellent for fully building up your skin’s protective barrier. Therefore, use the products regularly so that your skin can gradually improve this.

Also watch your diet and drink enough water to nourish your skin from the inside out. This means at least 2 litres of clear liquid in the form of tea or water a day. Coffee and alcohol dehydrate the body. Especially when you reach the menopause, it is absolutely important to drink enough. Not only will it keep your mucous membranes well hydrated, but it will also keep your important organs functioning at their highest and healthiest level, such as your kidneys or your brain! Make sure you get enough sleep! During this time, the body recovers and regenerates and draws strength for the coming day with its new challenges! With this tip you can keep your skin healthy and radiant in a natural way.

Tip 3: Protect your skin from harmful influences

An important tip for smart skin care is to protect your skin from harmful influences. UV rays, air pollution and free radicals can damage and prematurely age your skin. All these influences mean oxidative stress! To protect your skin from these influences, you should look for a cream that reduces oxidative stress and builds up your protective barrier, and above all, promotes the regeneration of your skin!

Patented Bio-Placenta as a peptide complex in the Seria Cutaneous

The Seria Cutanoeous creams and the Hyaluronic Iconic-4-Booster Serum contain the patented Bio-Placenta. This is a peptide complex consisting of various proteins that correspond to growth factors. These regulate the cell regeneration of the skin to a fresh, youthful radiant skin and both the collagen and elastin synthesis. South African Virgin Oil and Vitamin E scavenge free radicals and prevent progressive skin damage. They also promote regeneration and restructuring to healthy skin.

Supplement your sun protection with combination care

But there is no getting around the need for adequate sunscreen! Unfortunately, many sunscreens are of high quality in their sun protection, but not optimal in their skin care. You can ideally compensate for this by applying the Hyaluronic-4-Iconic Booster Serum as a base and the sunscreen on top. As after-sun care, you can use the Surgi Boost Face Cream at night, which optimally cares for your skin as after-sun care!

A little extra tip: regular exfoliation, once or twice a month, can also help to rid the skin of dead skin cells and thus support its ability to regenerate.

Tip 4: Harness the power of nature-science symbiosis

Another important tip for intelligent skin care is to harness the power of nature-science symbiosis. Nature offers a variety of active ingredients that can have a positive effect on the skin. Science has the potential to isolate these active ingredients and understand how they affect the skin. The combination of natural ingredients and scientific knowledge can lead to highly effective skin care products. Nowadays, this is also called active ingredient cosmetics. This means a high concentration of ingredients, scientific or natural in origin, but in a high concentration and only a low concentration of fillers. It produces the BEAUTÉ effect! However, make sure that the products you use actually contain natural ingredients and are not just advertised as “natural”. Look at the manufacturer’s homepage and how transparent they are in showing and explaining their active ingredients.

Tip 5: Be patient – give your skin time to regenerate

An important tip to remember in your smart skincare routine is patience. Give your skin time to regenerate. It’s tempting to see quick results and therefore try too many products at once, or change too often. The quick feel-good feeling of the skin is achieved through the so-called emollients. However, these are more likely to damage your skin in the long term, clogging pores or reducing oxygen exchange and blood flow to your skin. It is also important to understand that skin is a living organ and needs time to respond to changes. When starting a new skincare routine or trying a new product, give your skin at least two weeks to adjust and respond. If you’re patient, you’ll get the best long-term results and have healthy, glowing skin.

With the Seria Cutaneous products, founder Dr Mariam Omar deliberately avoided these chemical ingredients. She took the risk that users would have to be patient for a few days to feel and, above all, see the BEAUTÉ effect!

Conclusion – Smart Skincare for a lasting effect

So, what’s the bottom line? Smart Skincare is suitable for all ages!

The path to sustainable and long-term healthy and radiant skin by means of the principle Nature meets Science. It’s not just about using the right products, but also about the right application and timing. It is important for you to understand your skin at different times of the year and to know which ingredients are best for it. With the help of technology and science, nature meets science, we can now know more about our skin than ever before. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up natural ingredients. On the contrary, with active cosmetics, we can use them to support and soothe our skin. By following these 5 tips and adjusting your skincare routine, you’ll be able to create a lasting effect and maintain healthy, glowing skin.