How active ingredient cosmetics are revolutionising skin care, using the example of Seria Cutaneous from BEAUTÉ OMAR.

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How does active cosmetics work at BEAUTÉ OMAR?

Active ingredient cosmetics is a special type of skin care that uses a combination of natural ingredients and active ingredients produced in modern biotechnological processes. Through the targeted combination of ingredients, Seria Cutaneous active cosmetics can effectively support the skin in its regeneration and care for it intensively down to the deep layers of the skin. The skin care with pharmaceutical-grade hyaluron and vitamin E protects it from harmful environmental influences and provides plenty of moisture. Hence our credo: Nature meets Science!
Why should you use active ingredient cosmetics? Some examples.

Seria Cutaneous was originally developed to optimally and intensively care for the skin after medical interventions in order to have a positive effect on the skin’s appearance, such as scar healing. The result is a new generation of active cosmetics. It started with the scar cream, which consists of various oils such as ginger and hemp seed oil and contains pure collagen.

Plant substances and animal substances

Most of the active ingredients in cosmetics are so-called natural substances. These are usually of plant or animal origin and are therefore also called plant or animal substances. However, the effect of natural substances on the skin is not always the same.

Some natural substances, such as vitamin C, are very effective when they are present in high concentrations. However, they must be processed in such a way that they do not oxidise in the product and lose their effect. Other natural substances, on the other hand, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are better tolerated by the skin in lower concentrations. They are found, for example, in hemp seed oil and shea butter.

Animal substances are, for example, collagen. The pure collagen used in Scar Rescue Cream is one of the purest collagens available and is derived from pigs. It helps the scar to reorganise its structure and supports healing. This composition is especially helpful for burns and minor injuries. Scar Rescue Cream does not contain silicones.

Wirkstoffkosmetik - Scar Rescue Cream

The example of Scar Rescue Cream shows how important it is to choose the right concentration of natural active ingredients for the effect of active cosmetics. Concentrations that are too high can lead to skin irritation, while concentrations that are too low are often ineffective.
In addition to the right concentration of ingredients, however, the combination of active ingredients is also crucial for good compatibility and high effectiveness.
Above all, the proportion of fillers should only be large enough to ensure the stability and consistency of the product.
Active cosmetics can also smell pleasant. Users who are prone to allergies should avoid perfumes or use allergen-free perfumes.

Active ingredient cosmetics are therefore a particularly effective type of skin care because they are specifically tailored to the needs of the skin. Through the right choice of ingredients and concentrations, active cosmetics can optimally care for your skin and help it to achieve a healthy and radiant complexion.

Which ingredients are particularly effective?

Different active ingredients are used in specially formulated products to help solve or alleviate specific skin problems. The idea behind active cosmetics is therefore not only to care for the skin, but also to address specific problems and thus achieve a better body feeling.

Active ingredient cosmetics are based on medical findings and research results. Through the cooperation of dermatologists and pharmacists, products can be developed that are precisely tailored to the needs of the customer. This means that active ingredient cosmetics can provide very precise care and often even achieve better results than conventional skin care products.

Active ingredient cosmetics are available for many different areas of application. For example, different products can be chosen for scar, wrinkle or acne treatments. There are also special active ingredient products for problem areas such as cellulite or dry skin.

Vegetable oils and extracts are particularly rich in nutrients and therefore have a very nourishing effect on the skin. Seria Cutaneous only uses certified ingredients, including the natural organic oils, i.e. they are obtained from controlled organic cultivation.

The example of hemp seed oil shows that the cocktail of nutrients from this oil alone has an intoxicating effect on your skin, but it does not contain THC. So it has no intoxicating effect on your psyche. It is cold-pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant. It contains a number of important ingredients such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin B. It soothes redness, irritation, and skin irritation. It relieves redness, itching and irritation of the skin.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is also explicitly included in our products, as it protects your skin from harmful environmental influences with its antioxidant effect.

For which skin types is active ingredient cosmetics suitable?

In principle, active ingredient cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. However, active ingredient cosmetics specifically address different skin types. The face cream Surgi Boost Face Cream and the body cream Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream have a booster effect when used regularly. This is particularly beneficial for the following skin types:

Anti-aging, skin over 30 years of age.

The cell metabolism slows down from the age of 30 due to hormonal reasons. Therefore, it is important to prevent the first ageing processes of the skin. The peptide complex contained in our products not only promotes skin regeneration, but also collagen re-synthesis and elastin production. Both stand for firm skin.

Dry skin needs a special care routine

Many users suffer from dry skin not only in winter. Especially from the age of 50 or due to taking certain medications under cortisone skin is often very dry and thinner. Moisturising creams with hyaluronic acid are especially suitable for these skin types. However, Surgi Boost Face Cream and Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream contain two different pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acids. The long-chain hyaluronic acid acts as a protective moisture barrier on the skin, while the short-chain hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. The DMS structure mimics the skin’s natural sebum (oil film). The dexpanthenol provides repairing and protective care. These two alone make the skin soft and supple. The light consistency also allows the creams to penetrate the skin quickly.

It is not uncommon for the skin to be reddened, and feelings of tension and visible skin irritation are perceived as annoying and unpleasant. The South African Virgin Oil contained in this product is very helpful for these skin problems. As a natural active ingredient, it provides a lot of moisture with its long-chain fatty acids and soothes irritations and redness. This is why it is also popular in baby care.

Your BEAUTÉ care routine!

Use the products in your daily care routine. We have deliberately chosen not to use emollients, so you should include the creams in your skincare routine twice a day for the first 10 days. BEAUTÉ OMAR has deliberately chosen generous sizes of 100m for the Moisturising Face Cream and 400ml for the Body Cream, so you don’t have to skimp on your skincare!
don’t have to skimp on your care!

Scar care made easy!

In addition to ginger oil, which promotes circulation, Scar Rescue Cream also contains soothing hemp seed oil and collagen, among other ingredients. It is especially popular with mothers who have had a caesarean section, as it softens the scar and helps the red pigmentation to fade quickly. However, scar care is a long process, a marathon. Therefore, it should be part of your twice-daily care routine.

What are the advantages of active ingredient cosmetics over conventional cosmetics?

Conventional cosmetics often contain chemical additives, fragrances and dyes as well as preservatives and emulsifiers. This can lead to allergic reactions on the skin. Active cosmetics, on the other hand, consist of only the necessary ingredients, so the risk of allergies is significantly reduced.

In Seria Cutaneous, we have dispensed with conventional preservatives and use the moisturising pentylene glycol for this purpose.

Watch out for allergens!

Of course, BEAUTÉ OMAR has made sure that the products have a pleasant scent, so an allergen-free perfume has been used.

Where can I buy BEAUTÉ OMAR?

Our new generation active cosmetics with booster effect are available in the shop at or at Zalando. In Berlin, it is available at Marcel Ostertag’s concept store “Under the Surface”.

Conclusion: Are active ingredient cosmetics the future of skin care?

Active ingredient cosmetics are the future of skincare because their ingredients make them more effective than conventional cosmetics and gentler on your skin.