Die Geschichte hinter dem Doctorbrand BEAUTÉ OMAR

“The skin is a mirror of your life, a tangibly pleasant skin is important for your positive attitude towards life”.

The founder: Dr. Mariam Omar

Dr. Mariam Omar is a German specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

She completed her medical training in Germany and abroad in South Africa and England, among other places. During this time she has treated severe injuries of the body surface as well as operated on severely burned children and adults. After her specialist training, she specialised in aesthetic surgery such as the Mommy Makeover and facial surgery. The minimally invasive therapies of aesthetic medicine are also part of her portfolio. She has been running her private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in the heart of Berlin since 2014.

The wish: Skin care for stressed skin after operations

The past has shaped Dr. Mariam Omar with its interpersonal and medical experiences. On this basis, the desire grew in her to offer patients optimal skin care after they have survived operations or therapeutic procedures. This should support their healing and regeneration phase in a pleasant and beneficial way.

Stressed skin and skin that has undergone medical treatment have a lot in common. They are often marked by dry, not infrequently scaly patches. Reddening and itching of the skin are further characteristics, as are bruises. With these symptoms in mind, Beauté Omar products have been developed to help patients feel comfortable during this phase.

The development: Nature meets Science

The idea was born, but it took years of development to complete the Seria Cutaneous skincare range. The guiding principle was “Nature meets Science”. This means that natural ingredients were used in all products. The care properties of the cosmetics were optimised with the addition of high-quality ingredients produced in modern biotechnological processes.

One of the best-known developers of innovative natural cosmetics had used his scientific expertise with his professional competence in a lively exchange with Dr. Omar to develop this high-quality cosmetic family with her.

The result: natural cosmetics with compatible ingredients

The result is effective cosmetics that are suitable for skin care after medical procedures as well as for sensitive and stressed skin.

Dr. Omar attached great importance to the fact that no microplastics, no parabens and no skin-irritating ingredients are used.

Drying preservatives were avoided and a mild preservative system, pentylene glycol, was used. This even has a moisturising property.

The care experience:

The pleasant and subtle scent of orange chamomile in the creams is based on an allergen-free perfume. To prevent inflammation, the products contain pure water, which is otherwise used in medicine. Using the airless pump dispensers, the products can thus be applied to the freshly treated skin. Many other natural ingredients were used, such as coconut oil and ginger, as well as high-quality synthetic ingredients, such as peptides that can act similarly to growth factors. Pure collagen and pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid are also included in the products. They make Seria Cutaneous an effective cosmetic at premium care level.

The results are:

  • a shower gel, the Deep Cleansing Body Wash
  • a face cream, the Surgi Boost Face Cream
  • a body cream, Surgi Boost Advanced Body Cream
  • and a scar cream, the Scar Rescue Cream

All products can be combined with each other and build on each other in the development of the skin. All four are available together as a Beauty Bundle.

Look forward to a unique care experience!

Dr. Mariam Omar